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Develop your supervision and teaching competencies

No matter if you want to learn more about learning technologies, get competent feedback from peers, or in some other way develop your teaching practice, the CED certainly has an offer for you.

The CED offers competency-developing courses for both student teachers, PhD students, part-time teaching staff, assistant professors and postdocs, PhD supervisors, and senior VIP. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

NB: new course and dates added  as of 16 January 2024

A new year is approaching and the CED course catalog for spring 2024 is ready. We offer a wide range of competence-developing services that can develop your teaching and supervision practices.

The course catalog offer services for new as well as experienced teaching staff. We also have faculty-oriented courses, and our offers are in both Danish and English. The offers are continuously expanded and updated, so please keep an eye on our website.

If, contrary to expectations, you cannot find a course that suits your needs, please feel free to contact us. We offer advice and consultation services on university education and customised solutions if needed.

You can read more about the various offers and sign up here:






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