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Designing peer feedback activities using digital tools


The purpose of the workshop is to give educators the opportunity to design an appropriate peer feedback activity within their own teaching praxis.

The workshop is aimed at educators at Aarhus University who intend to use peer feedback in their teaching – both in large and small classes.

Participants will acquire hands-on experience with planning and designing peer feedback activities using digitals tools such as Eduflow.

Learning outcome

At the completion of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Plan peer feedback activities in their own teaching praxis using digital tools. 
  • Formulate feedback criteria relevant to the assignment. 
  • Motivate and prepare students to engage in the feedback activity. 
  • Reflect on their role as an educator during peer feedback activities. 
  • Design peer feedback activities in digital tools such as Eduflow. 


The first part of the workshop consists of presentations and exercises. The participants take part in a peer feedback activity together using a digital tool. Hereafter follows a presentation on how to plan a peer feedback activity with examples from university teaching on blended and online peer feedback activities, how good feedback can be scaffolded, and how students can be motivated and prepared for giving and receiving feedback.

In the second and final part of the workshop, participants will have the chance to individually design a peer feedback activity for their teaching in one of the presented digital tools.


Autumn 2023


  • Target group: Student teachers, PhD students, part-time teaching staff, assistant professors, postdocs, and senior VIP
  • Format: Workshop
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 2½ hours
  • Bring: your laptop
  • No. of particiants: Min. 5, max. 20

Course manager

Tobias Alsted Nielsen

Educational it konsulent

Course administrator