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Media production

Different video and audio formats can be a fantastic resource to shift lectures and presentations from the public to the personal space while creating more dynamic and student-activating teaching.

Videos can, for example, be included as part of a lecture to create variation, or they can be used in connection with blended and flipped learning, where they function as part of the preparation for small-class teaching. Hence, time is freed up for in-class activities where the educator can facilitate debates or guide students through collaborative exercises instead.

At the CED, we lend equipment and offers support for audio and video production, which you can then use in your teaching. We are always up-to-date on the latest technologies and can guide you in using them appropriately.

Production formats

The CED offers help, support, and guidance in two production formats:

  • Supported productions, where the material is produced in collaboration with an employee from the CED – e.g. in the CED’s audio and video facility in building 1910.
  • Do-It-Yourself productions, where you can borrow equipment and get help from the CED’s employees on how to produce materials on your own.