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Studio recordings – a professional TV studio

The CED’s professional and flexible television production studio offers various recording options in different formats and production qualities. To find the most suitable format for your teaching, the pedagogical needs and intended learning outcomes for the students control the setup. We work together to find a suitable format for your studio-produced videos.

Photos from the CED's studio by Daniel Hvid.


This type of video allows for total control over light and audio, so interviews in the studio are easy to produce. However, the setup and the participants must be well prepared.

Studio recordings require an ability to relax in the situation and capture the audience. The form is simple but necessitates thorough preparation.

Someone must be available to perform the interview. Before filming, you need to consider whether the interviewer should be within view of the camera and if their audio should be included in the final production, or if they should be inaudible and outside the camera angle. The person who interviews, without having their image and audio included, must be aware of whether there is enough video material from the interviewee in the subsequent editing process to combine a coherent, meaningful message.  

Talking head

A talking-head presentation is a direct speech to the audience. Here, you speak and present directly to the camera. This type of production requires you to be well prepared for your presentation.

In terms of production, this type of video is not resource-intensive. Much of the production time lies in the preparation for the presentation and, if relevant, the material to be displayed on the screen.

In this production type, you can present a slideshow as picture-in-picture or on a large part of the screen area, making it possible to interact with the presentation material just like a conventional lecture or other presentation situation.

Green screen

Green screen videos are the ultimate creative playground within video production and offer a high production value. Here, everything is under control, and everything is recorded several times from multiple angles.

The green screen technique makes it possible to design and adapt the communicative space. This type of production necessitates a lot of preparation – from both you and the production team.

David Kiel

Member of Administrative Staff