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At the CED, we can help you produce animations. The animation is a well-known communicative format. The production method is relatively resource-intensive. Nevertheless, it has some obvious communicative advantages, particularly in relation to the communication of complex material.

Why animation?

Animation is a strong visual communication tool that can be used to communicate functions, ideas, and concepts. In this way, animations are excellent at communicating complex material and knowledge. For example, this could be everything from animations of atomic models and DNA strands to the visualisation of processes and flows.

Production of animations

The format is resource-intensive and requires a lot of preparation, like concept development and storyboarding, before production can start. The output can take the form of 2D or 3D animations or, for example, hand-drawn whiteboard videos. The latter is significantly more straightforward to produce than 2D or 3D animation. Usually, the animations are combined with a voiceover and sound effects.

Here you can view an example of an animation video produced by the CED.

Kasper Lauritzen

Member of Administrative Staff