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At the CED, you can get help with both your development projects and competency development free of charge.

Do you teach at Aarhus University? Or are you a course coordinator or degree programme director? We offer free consultancy services and competency development on university education, educational technology, and teaching to all employees at AU.

What can we help you with?

We advise on a wide range of university educational topics – everything from the planning of courses and learning activities to first-year pedagogy and academic regulations. You can read more here:

Activating forms of teaching

We can help organise project- and product-oriented activities and support the development of different ways of collaboration and well-functioning study group dynamics.

In addition, we can help you develop student-centred teaching activities such as peer feedback and automated digital feedback. Similarly, we can assist in the work of teaching the students to assess their need for and seek out relevant feedback (self-regulated feedback).

Course and module design

The CED can help you organise your course or modules so they match the learning outcomes, are aligned, and support the students’ learning and progression.

We can also advise you on how to design the course with in-class and digital learning activities, individual and study group-based preparation, and with teacher- and student-led activities.

The CED puts a range of educational technologies and digital tools at your disposal, which can be used to support both in-class and out-of-class activities.

Programme development

We can assist in the work of creating coherence between separate courses through clear academic objectives, well-defined didactic alignment and progression, and a varied repertoire of assessment formats.

We can also help organise programmes to support the systematic development of generic competencies, such as collaboration, communication, and management of complex development-oriented situations.

Strategic initiatives

AU has a strategic focus on areas such as retention and student well-being, internationalisation, and digitalisation.

We can support the academic environments in developing the first-year experience, so the students gradually find themselves at the university. This will increase students’ learning outcome and well-being while at the same time reducing the dropout rate.

In addition, we provide educational and technical consultancy on virtual exchange and teaching in an international context.

We also contribute to the digitisation efforts with learning technologies to use in your teaching and digital competencies in the programmes.

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