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Borrow equipment

You can find an overview of some of the technology you can borrow from the CED on this page. We do not lend equipment for commercial purposes or Bachelor’s or Master’s degree students.

Please get in touch with us if you need specific equipment, need help using the equipment, are unsure about which equipment fits your needs, or guidance on implementing f educational IT in your teaching.

360° equipment

360° videos allow students to access inaccessible, remote, dangerous, expensive, or restricted areas. Bring a camera the next time you are going on a trip or doing fieldwork.

The CED has a wide range of 360° equipment you can borrow. We lend 360° cameras, 180° cameras, and 3D cameras that can record in 2K, 4K, and 5.7K. We also have VR headsets from Oculus Go or Oculus Quest you can use to test your recordings in virtual reality.

Video cameras

We have a selection of different cameras that are easy to operate and record videos in excellent quality.

Our Sony action camera and GoPro Hero can endure a lot and are perfect on the go. Our handheld Panasonic cameras can be used to record workshops, interviews, or small lectures.

You can borrow tripods as needed.


Put a smartphone or tablet on the Swivl robot, and it will ensure you are always in focus when recording videos. It is useful if, for example, you need to record both a whiteboard and other equipment that cannot be included with one camera angle.

The Swivl includes a transmitter with a built-in microphone that ensures the robot knows where to focus. A wide-angle lens that creates a 140° perspective is also included.

Smartphone kit

The kit improves the light, audio, and angles of your smartphone or tablet recordings.

Use it for quick feedback videos at home, during fieldwork, in the laboratory, in front of a whiteboard, or for demonstration videos.

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Sound recordings

If you need to make sound recordings for podcasts, interviews, running commentary, or oral feedback, a portable audio recorder is easy to bring on the go.

Our Zoom H1 is Zoom’s smallest handheld recording unit, and it is simple to operate. The Zoom H2 can record multiple channels and spatial audio, which can provide spaciousness in 360° footage. Our Zoom H6 is the most advanced recording unit, which you can connect with four microphones.

Lavalier microphone

Lavalier microphones are discreet and practical microphones that provide excellent audio.

We lend Røde SmartLav+ lavalier microphones that can be linked to various devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. It is optimal for screen capture recordings, sound recordings, and podcasts.

We also have microports, which are clip-on microphones. From a microport, the signal is sent to a paired receiver, which can be connected with, for example, a camera, dictaphone, and other recording units. We recommend you use it when you borrow camera equipment where excellent audio is essential.


Hands-free microphones primarily used for video meetings, which you can connect to your computer via a USB cable. The speakerphone allows you and your colleagues to talk and capture audio on the same unit, which allows for better audio than using the built-in microphone in your device.

Recommended for large gatherings in a single room, but can also be used in connection with screencasts where more than one person is talking.

Tablet class set

If you have a teaching activity where you need a large number of tablets, we have this as well. We have 24 Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets, which you can borrow as a combined kit for smaller classes or group work.


If you want to record a video and need help remembering the content you want to present, you can borrow a teleprompter. The teleprompter works with a tablet that you can also borrow from the CED – or use your own.

The advantage of a teleprompter is that you can place a camera directly behind the text you are reciting from, so you always have eye contact with the audience.


Are you having trouble hearing everyone in the lecture theatre during plenum discussions? Our throwable microphone is a soft cube with a wireless microphone inside.

Instead of rushing between rows with a microphone, the Catchbox can be thrown to the audience without risk of breaking it – do beware of the coffee cups, though!

Transcription pedal

A foot pedal that makes it quick and easy to transcribe videos or sound recordings. The foot pedal has three buttons that you can use instead of keyboard shortcuts. You decide the commands that suit your needs.

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