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At the CED, we can help you produce podcasts to publish on-demand audio and video files on the internet.

Why podcasts?

One of the advantages of using podcasts in teaching is that the students are familiar with the format. In addition, the format allows students flexible opportunities to acquire the knowledge presented in the podcast.

The podcast format is ideal for bringing on the road and thus expanding everyday situations, such as transportation, to become learning situations.

Podcast production

It is very straightforward to produce podcasts. However, it requires a bit of preparation about what you would like to present. Concerning the level of preparation needed, the podcast format can be compared to a radio programme.

Podcasts can be in the form of a presentation with a single microphone or a conversation with several audio sources. Podcasts can be audio-only or videos with fixed camera settings.

Mathias Elmose Andersen

Educational it producer