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At the CED, we can help you with livestreaming. Livestreaming is a format with a continuous online transfer of video and audio without prior storage. The format can facilitate different types of distance teaching.

Why livestream?

By live-streaming presentations and teaching, the audience can follow in real-time without being present in the same room. The only prerequisite for participating is a computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet.

Along the way, you can allow the audience to participate actively by asking questions via chat, text messages, Twitter, etc., or via audience response systems such as Mentimeter.

Many people are already familiar with the format and will easily be able to access the livestream.


The CED will take care of all the technical aspects. We will ensure proper sound and live-edit the stream by cutting between different camera angles to achieve a professional-looking and dynamic video stream.

If desired, we can also add an intro and outro. When the stream is over, we can store the video file. You can bring it with you on a USB stick, or we can make it available online.

The CED assists with, among other things, live streaming of lectures to the upper secondary schools. Streaming can be done both in CED's high-tech classroom or on location.

David Kiel

Member of Administrative Staff