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Brightspace Online Resource


  • To make the participants familiar with the functionalities of Brightspace.
  • To make the participants reflect upon how to structure and organize their courses in relation to their educational context and their students.
  • To act as an educational resource that teachers can return to, to look up specific functionalities, activities, and practices.

Learning outcome

This resource may facilitate that the participants achieve proficiency in using Brightspace in their teaching. Both by mastering the different functionalities and by designing pedagogical adequate courses.


The course is structured in themes, that each consist of a number of elements. These themes and elements are not a complete recap of Brightspace's extensive library of functionalities, but instead a number of descriptions and activities curated by the course designers. All intended to give a teacher sufficient knowledge to set up a course for a coming semester, managing course content and students, as well as to inspire reflections over the design choices along the way.


The resource can be completed chronologically at your own pace or you can browse through the course content and curate the themes and elements you find interesting:


  • Target group: PhD students, part-time teaching staff, assistant professors, postdocs, and senior VIP
  • Duration: circa 5 hours if completed chronologically
  • Format: Open online ressource
  • Language: English.

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