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Webcast studios – Do-it-yourself video presentations

At the CED, you can use our webcast studios to produce videos on your own. Our employees will make sure you get off to a good start.

The studios are designed to make it both simple and easy to record videos, and you can, among other things, run PowerPoint presentations, screencasts, whiteboard-based teaching, and software demonstrations during your recordings.

The videos are produced with only a few clicks and are saved directly to AU’s video server, Panopto. Due to the user-friendliness of the studios, you quickly learn to start and produce videos on your own.

Technical information

The studios are equipped with a laptop from which you can run your slides or other presentation material. Thus, you do not need to bring and spend time setting up your laptop. The PC is connected with a big touch-screen that acts as a digital whiteboard where you can, among other things, write and draw with the ChalkBox software program.

Webcast productions are recorded in two tracks – also called Picture-in-Picture. In this way, the image of you in front of the touch-screen and the computer input is recorded separately. Thus, both tracks will be displayed side-by-side in the finished video.

The audio will be recorded with a wireless microphone. The set consists of a small lapel microphone connected with a transmitter and a receiver coupled with the camera. It must be switched on and clipped on your clothes before you start your recording.

A small remote control unit is attached to the computer. With it, you can remotely switch between slides.

Webcast studio with a lightboard

The webcast studio with a lightboard allows you to make advanced calculations without losing details while facing the board and your audience. The studio was established through a collaboration with Associate Professor Jan Arlt from the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

A lightboard is a glass board where light is projected into the sides of the glass. The light makes everything you write on the glass become extra clear. This allows you to create advanced calculations without losing details. At the same time, you face the board and your audience, making it easier to write – the studio automatically mirrors the recordings so viewers can see what you are writing.

You can record yourself behind the lightboard while superimposing presentations on the recordings. This allows you to, for example, annotate your presentations, add graphs, and other types of animations to your presentation.

Video: Jan Arlt, IFA, AU
Video: Jan Arlt, IFA, AU

Locations and booking





The studios can be booked in Outlook. You can search for them via their building and room number. You can also contact the CED for booking.

Please note that a booking in Outlook is tentative until it has been accepted. This is to ensure we can unlock the studio when you need it. Thus, we recommend you book at least 24 hours in advance on normal weekdays.