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Get off to a good start using video in your teaching

It is now easier to use video in your teaching with AU’s new video platform, Panopto. For example, you can use video to move presentations from the classroom to online teaching, thereby freeing up time for other activities during the on-campus teaching. Panopto’s features allow you to integrate elements that activate your students while watching the videos, like embedded quizzes, debates, and much more.

In the video below, you can learn more about Panopto and the four key features of the platform.

On AU Educate, you can read more about how to use Panopto.

Educators’ experience with the use of video in teaching

Several educators at AU have already started using Panopto and gained experience with the use of video in their teaching. We have asked two educators for examples of how they have used Panopto:

"I use Panopto to upload videos to provide an easier transition between theory and practical skills.  For example, after out-of-class activities that describe practical clinical skills, e.g. suturing, via books,” assistant professor Pankaj Taneja from the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health says. He adds:

"I use the videos for the students to visualize how to undertake the practical task.  First, we use the videos to collectively discuss the practical components being watched, after which the students undertake the procedures on practice models.  The same videos can then be uploaded to Brightspace for the students to watch out-of-class to consolidate what they have learnt. The platform is user friendly and allows easy links to Brightspace.”

Teaching assistant professor Jiro Tomioka at Japan Studies has also used video as an alternating element of his teaching:

"Panopto was used in a video group project in which the students go out in the field and record things around them. After shooting, the group members got together to edit the video with Panopto and add narration in Japanese. The edited video was then uploaded on Brightspace.”

New options with Panopto

Panopto makes it easy and safe to record, edit, and share video material directly from your computer to Brightspace, where your students can access it.

In addition, in 18 of AU’s big lecture theatres, Panopto can be used to record and livestream your teaching directly through Brightspace so students can attend the teaching both online and on campus. We have made a list of the 18 lecture theatres here.

Please note that to use this feature you must first create a “Panopto key”, which will be needed to share your recordings with the students in your course.

The platform replaces the old video system, Kaltura, which was used in Blackboard. In June, Kaltura was shut down and videos were automatically moved to Panopto. Thus, videos recorded before the implementation of Panopto are still available for use in Brightspace.

Workshop: Learn more about Panopto

If you would like more information about the many ways Panopto can be used, you can sign up for an introductory workshop offered by the CED. Here you will learn to record videos and how to manage and store your existing video material:

Find support for Panopto

If you have any technical questions about Panopto, please use AU’s support portal at support.au.dk. Click “Go to Service Catalog” and select Panopto below “Teaching - Exams and Classrooms”.

If you need advice concerning the use of video in your teaching, you can contact the CED.