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Online oral examination: Where to find help

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus restrictions, many of the spring semester exams will also be online in Zoom. As an educator and examiner, you can register for workshops, find guides on online exams, and seek advice from the Centre for Educational Development (CED).

Photo: Melissa B. K. Yildirim, AU Photo

As a consequence of the new restrictions at Aarhus University, the majority of the semester's exams will be conducted online. As with any other exam, it is about testing the extent to which the student has achieved the academic goals. However, the online oral exam will vary in ways other than the traditional oral exam.

Via AU Educate, we have compiled a small list of items that are worth paying attention to before your exam. You should:

  1. Ensure that meeting rooms in Zoom are created and shared
  2. Be aware of the applicable guidelines and who to contact if problems arise
  3. Be familiar with the process of an online exam
  4. Test the technical setup, e.g., with a colleague
  5. Talk through the online exam with the examiner
  6. Talk expectations with the students in advance.

The process for the exam varies depending on how you use the Waiting Room, whether there is a draw, preparation, whether it is an individual or group exam etc. It is important for the exam process that you have tested the functions in Zoom that you must use for the exam. In addition, you should make sure that you have a stable internet connection and good sound.

Sign up for a workshop

As with any other exam, the aim is to test the extent to which the student has met the academic objectives. However, the online oral exam will vary from the traditional oral exam.

If this applies to your exam, you can register for workshops offered by the CED, which will go through the various elements of an online examination.

Sign up for a workshop here: https://ced.au.dk/en/arkiv/online-exams/translate-to-english-workshops-og-raadgivning-om-online-eksamen

If you need individual advice or cannot find answers to your didactic or technical questions about the organisation of online exams, you are welcome to contact your usual contacts at CED – just as before the merger. You are also welcome to contact us at ced@au.dk, if you have any questions or need individual advice concerning your online exam.

Find guides

You can also find information and guidelines for the online exam on AU's website about converting exams to digital formats. Educators can also find more information and inspiration about online oral examination at AU Educate. Students can also find good advice on online oral exams on Studypedia.