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Course evaluation as a tool for developing your teaching

CED offers consultancy on how you can use your course evaluations to develop your teaching. You will be helped to uncover multiple angles and interpretations of your data before deciding on what adjustments might be useful to make in your teaching.

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Through our consultancy services, you gain insight into how you can use course evaluations to develop your teaching. Photo: Maria Randim, AU Foto
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Berit Lassesen is a associate professor at the CED. Her research covers a broad field within higher education, including teaching evaluation. Photo: Nina Adolfsen, CED

"When you sit with the course evaluation in hand, the considerations are often retrospective; What did you do and what reaction did you get? How did the students experience the course? But if the evaluations are to have value, they must influence how the course is conducted in the future," explains Associate Professor at the CED Berit Lassesen.

This is why the CED offers free consultancy services to all teachers who want to change and develop their teaching:

"If you have a desire to change your teaching, your students' evaluation of the course is often a good place to start: What intentions did you have? What did you do? What were the results? And how did the students experience the activities in your course?" Berit Lassesen elaborates.

One-on-one consultancy or dialogue in teams

The consultancy can take place one-on-one, but you are also welcome to bring your teaching team.

"If you have several teachers from the same institute, it is a very good idea to get together, because that way there will be a dialogue that may lead to even better solutions," Berit Lassesen explains.

Consultancy based on the course evaluation data

Bring one or more of your course evaluations to the consultancy session. Before the meeting, it may be useful to consider what worked well in your teaching and what worked less well.

During the consultancy session, the conversation will cover five aspects:

  1. What feedback do you get from the data in relation to the students' experience of course organisation, communication, and the like?
  2. What feedback do you get from the text about the students' experience of the course and any wishes for changes?
  3. In the light of the evaluations, what changes are desirable and possible within the given framework?
  4. How do you deal with text feedback and what do you do with unfair and unreasonable criticism?
  5. How do you modify your course evaluation so that it gives you the answers you need?

How to book a meeting

If you want consultancy on how you can use your course evaluations to develop your teaching, you can contact Berit Lassesen directly and book a meeting.

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