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Chatbots and generative AI in teaching

On AU Educate, the CED has created some pages to help you become more familiar with the use of chatbots and generative AI in your teaching. In this article, we have highlighted some of these.

The CED has developed a page about chatbots within the focus area on teaching with technology. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

Help is available at AU Educate if you want to work with chatbots in connection with your teaching. The CED has developed a page about chatbots within the focus area on teaching with technology.

On the AU Educate website, you can learn more about how to work with the topic of ‘chatbots’ in itself from an academic perspective and how you can use chatbots as a resource in your teaching.

The page also recommends that you talk with your students about how they can and cannot use chatbots, and about the limitations and ethical implications of using chatbots.

You can also find teaching cases on how other teaching staff at AU have used chatbots in their teaching.

Activities in teaching that revolve around chatbots

At AU Educate, you can also find inspiration for a wide range of activities that you can use in your teaching. The activities are designed as step-by-step manuals and can be integrated directly into your teaching, regardless of the academic content.

One of the activities described is idea generation with a chatbot. During this activity, the students use chatbots as a tool to quickly get an overview of a topic before they investigate it further and in-depth. The purpose of the activity is to get the chatbot to contribute to new approaches to the topic, or to discover an interesting issue or an unexpected approach to their work on academic assignments.

You can also find a suggestion as to how to do the Turing test with your students. The Turing test examines whether a machine can exhibit human intelligence to such an extent you think it is a human.

In the activity, the students go through some assignment answers and then assess whether the answer was written by a chatbot or by their fellow students. The purpose of this activity is to teach the students what chatbots can and cannot do and to train the students’ critical thinking skills.

The activity can spur academic reflection and discussions, for example, discussions on topics as diverse as consciousness and intelligence, source criticism, and plagiarism.

Course on generative AI in teaching

If you have little or no experience with generative AI, the CED has an introductory offer for you.

In the course 'Generative AI in teaching', you will, through presentations and activities, gain knowledge of and competencies in using generative AI, especially ChatGPT.