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Explore the CED course offers

The CED offers courses for all teaching staff at AU – from student teachers to professors. We present to you a selection from our course portfolio.

At the CED's Science Teaching course, PhD students from Natural Science and Technical Science can develop their teaching practice. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU Photo

If you prefer developing your competencies at your own pace, you can find inspiration on our online resource AU Educate. Here you will examples of how you can develop your teaching practice.

From new to experienced educators 

If you have student instructors employed to undertake part of the teaching, they can participate in our introductory course in pedagogy for student teachers. The course prepares student teachers and instructors to teach.

If you are relatively new to teaching or working with teaching part-time, you can benefit from the course Introduction to Teaching and Learning (InTeL), which help educators improve the quality of their teaching. The course is online and a combination of text, videos, and activities. During the course, participants will have different assignments where they work independently and address contributions from peers.

If you are supervising PhD students, you can participate in the various faculty-specific PhD supervision courses where you work to strengthen your competencies as a supervisor and find inspiration for new methods and tools.

Educational IT at AU

The CED administer, supports, and further develop Brightspace. In connection with this, we continuously develop and organise various workshops about the learning platform. For example, we offer workshops for instructors and student teachers.

In connection with the implementation of AU’s new video platform Panopto, we offer both on-campus and online introductory workshops where you will get an overview of Panopto and the platform’s possibilities, learn how to manage your existing video material, and how to record new videos.

We also have a course for you

If you like to participate in our courses and workshops, you can find our entire course catalogue on ced.au.dk/en/courses, within the following segments:

Registration is already open on some of the spring courses, and others will be regularly developed and updated.

Personal consultancy and collaboration

If you cannot find the course, you are looking for or a course that meets your needs, you are always welcome to contact us.

We offer consultancy and collaborate on university education, pedagogy, and teaching, and customise courses and workshops for teaching teams that want targeted solutions.