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Brightspace course for student teachers


A basic course with an introduction to the primary Brightspace functions for experienced and new student teachers. The main purpose of the course is to provide an overview on the learning management system Brightspace.

Learning outcome

The webinar is intended to enable participants to

  • become able to navigate in Brightspace
  • become able to communicate to and with student
  • become able to design course structure and create content
  • knowing the possibilities of integrating learning activities into Brightspace.


The courses primarily targeted towards student teachers, who will be using Brightspace for teaching purposes. During the course there will be examples of courses and an overview of the primary functions in Brightspace.

The course cover functions such as upload of materials, options for communication with students and application of learning activities features. In the end of the course there will be an opportunity for participants to describe concrete problems they have experienced in Brightspace so far and to explore solutions.

Also, we will set up your own test course (sandbox) and be enrolled in Brightspace Online Course for student teachers, which is a resource with instructions and activities in the Brightspace learning Management system.

Instructions and further information about Brightspace

Before the course you can log on to https://brightspace.au.dk/ and orient yourself in your 'Sandbox', which is a trial course.

In addition, you can find instructions for Brightspace's functions, which can be useful before and after the workshop.

Find further support and information about Brightspace here.


  • Dates for the autumn of 2022 will be posted in early June.


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