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At the CED, we offer courses and workshops for educators across all faculties and levels – all the way from student teachers and PhD students to experienced professors. We have just updated our list of autumn courses.

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At the CED, we support quality teaching and competency development at Aarhus University. Among other things, we do this through our broad course catalogue, which is aimed at teaching staff at all stages of their careers. During the corona lockdown, we have run webinars on the transition from on-campus to online teaching. We will continue with several exciting courses and workshops in the autumn. 

Inspiration for your teaching

The purpose of our courses is to support the ongoing competency development of educators at Aarhus University. We do this by offering inspiration and specific examples of how you can develop your teaching practice, such as using digital media and communicating your subjects in new and exciting ways.

If you have student instructors employed to undertake part of the teaching, you can send them to our introductory pedagogic course for student teachers. The course is designed to prepare student teachers and instructors for teaching and strengthen their pedagogical and didactic competencies.

You can also participate in, for example, our new workshop on the use of podcast in teaching, where you take the first steps towards producing podcasts, which, for example, can be integrated into courses as preparation material. The workshop will help you get off to a good start with practical experience and the initial steps towards formats and content. 

If you supervise PhD students, you can also participate in the faculty-oriented PhD supervisor courses, where we strengthen your competencies as a supervisor and inspire you to new methods and tools.

Brightspace on the agenda

In connection with the phase-out of Blackboard and the transition to the new learning management system, Brightspace, several of the courses we offer are centred around Brightspace. At all faculties, we offer the webinar 'Brightspace Basic', which aims to introduce the new learning platform and facilitate the transition from Blackboard. 

In addition, we have the 'Brightspace Course Designer' workshop for educators at Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences. The purpose of the workshop is to assist educators with the development and implementation of a learning design for their course and introduce them to educational IT and its potentials. In addition, educators will be able to share experiences, and they will be introduced to relevant cases from Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences.

Personal counselling and collaboration

Would you like to participate in one of our courses or workshops? You can find the entire course catalogue on ced.au.dk/en/courses/ and register for an autumn course. The list will be continuously updated. 

Are you looking for specific course themes not found on the list? Then, please, do not hesitate to contact us.  We still offer personal counselling and collaboration on pedagogy and didactics in your teaching and tailor courses and workshops for teaching teams and the like.