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Conference on digital competencies in future teaching and education

How are digital advances shaping our present and future? What subject-specific digital skills and competencies are essential for navigating this constantly evolving space? And how can we cultivate these crucial competencies in the social sciences and humanities programmes? On 3 October 2024, everyone is welcome when we delve into these very questions.

On the illustration is says Digital Curriculum Conference, 03 OCT 2024
On 3 October 2024, everyone is welcome at the 'Digital Curriculum Closing Conference' in the Main Hall at Aarhus University. Illustration: Savhannah Schulz, CED

Everyone is welcome on 3 October 2024 for the Digital Curriculum Closing Conference in the Main Hall at Aarhus University.

The day marks the culmination of a four-year cross-institutional project in which nine faculties from five Danish universities have been working together to integrate digital competencies in the teaching and curricula to support the education of graduates who are well prepared for the future society and labour market. You can read more about the Digital Curriculum project here.

The conference revolves around four perspectives: 

  • Digitalisation of society: How is digitalisation shaping our day-to-day lives? And what impact does it have on graduates from the humanities and social sciences?

  • Research integration in education: How has digitalisation initiated new research questions and research methods? And how does student participation in research projects contribute to scientific as well as job-oriented digital competencies? 

  • Educational development: How are digital competencies embedded into the curriculum and how do they impact teaching practices?

  • Support and competency development: What does digitalisation require in terms of support and competency development for teaching staff? How can it be organized? 

Join us for an exploration of digital competence and its implications for the future. 


Read more about and register for the conference here.
Registration deadline: 29 August 2024

The conference will be held in English.


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