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Peer-mentoring for Experienced Doctoral Supervisors


The purpose of the course is to establish, support and develop local, collegial, and scholarly based reflection on supervision among experienced doctoral supervisors across all faculties at AU. This course provides

  • a structure for experienced doctoral supervisors to reflect on their own supervision practices
  • the possibility to observe and give feedback to other supervisors to strengthen their practice and build a collegial community
  • develop a teaching portfolio text on supervision experience.

Learning outcome

  • Participate in peer-mentoring together with experienced peers.
  • Observe and reflect on other experienced doctoral supervisors’ supervision.
  • Provide concrete and context-specific feedback on supervision practice.
  • Engage in a reflective collegial community with other experienced supervisors.
  • Produce a reflective text about own doctoral supervision practice for a teaching portfolio.


The course will run over a total 20 hours over a six-week period. The first meeting is a whole day workshop that sets the scene for the course and provides the tools for the period between the first and final meetings. The second meeting takes place in a faculty-based collegial mentoring triad either on the pre-set day or on another date agreed by the triad. The final meeting concludes with cross-faculty reflection on the collegial mentoring as well as reflection work on the portfolio texts.

Supplemental information

Please note that you should have ongoing supervision of a PhD student and your PhD student agrees to take part in the observation session you undertake with colleagues.

Put the second date in your calendar in order to better coordinate the grouping for observations. If it is not feasible to meet on this date, you will be asked to find another date on which your triad can meet.

The course is conducted in English and the course requires physical attendance

Please bring your own laptop.


The supervisors should have experience with at least three doctoral students.


Autumn 2024

  • 31 October 2024 from 09:30 to 15:30 
    Aarhus University, building 1910, room 228 
  • 20 November 2024 - date proposal for meeting day to observe peer supervision in triads
  • 12 December 2024 from 09:30 to 13:00
    Aarhus University, building 1910, room 228 

Registration deadline: 20 September 23:59 
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  • Language: English
  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Capacity: Min. 15, max. 40
  • Certificate: Upon satisfactory completion, you will receive a certificate.

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