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Customised blended learning course offers for experienced teaching teams

Blended learning can increase students’ activity level and commitment both before and during teaching sessions, as well as increase flexibility for the students. The CED now offers customised competency development courses about blended learning for small and larger teaching teams.

The CED offers customised competency development courses about blended learning for both small and larger teaching teams.Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.
Janne Saltoft Hansen is a senior consultant at the CED and co-developer of the on-demand offer on blended learning. Photo: Private

Blended learning is a teaching format that combines classic on-campus teaching and online teaching. The format has several advantages. Among other things, it offers students more flexibility and activates them during their preparation time.

For this reason, the CED now offers a competency development course that prepares teaching teams to incorporate blended learning in their teaching. The offer is primarily aimed at senior academic staff. However, assistant professors or teaching groups with a VIP in charge are also welcome to request a customised offer.

Why do blended learning?

Janne Saltoft Hansen is a senior consultant at the CED and co-developer of the offer. Together with her colleagues, she has interviewed various teaching staff around AU to uncover their competency development needs. Based on these interviews, the blended learning offer has been created:

“Our interviews show that much of the teaching staff need help motivating the students during the teaching through activities. Blended learning can activate the students both during their preparation time and in the classroom,” Janne Saltoft Hansen says.

A blended learning course on blended learning

During the course, blended and online elements will be incorporated so that the teachers themselves can try out and reflect on the blended learning methods, tools, and activities they learn about along the way.

The course starts with an introduction after which the participants can work on their own projects online and together. In addition, a large part of the process involves reflecting on how to use blended learning in their teaching.

“The offer presents a large amount of fundamental knowledge. However, we would also like to elevate the participants to a level of reflection where they think about the planning of their own teaching. The teachers must reflect on and evaluate their teaching, as well as consider how they can involve the students in the development of the teaching when using blended learning, for example, by incorporating peer feedback or getting the students to produce teaching videos themselves,” Janne Saltoft Hansen explains.

An on-demand offer with flexibility

As is the case with blended learning, flexibility is also a keyword in the CED’s offer. The purpose is to create a format in which participants do not have to remove themselves from their workday. However, it is not a simple one-day course or a short session of three hours:

“It is a competency-developing course for which you must set aside time. But how much time you spend can be adjusted depending on how much time you have available. There will be core content that we have to go through to ensure a collective understanding of the concepts. But it will also be possible to adapt the course to your needs” Janne Saltoft Hansen says.

The course offer involves the teaching teams that you normally work within. This is to ensure a mutual understanding of the content of the local programmes and peer collaboration so that you are not working alone. If you do not have colleagues who wish to participate, the competency development team will try to pair teaching staff from different departments.

Want to learn more?

You can contact Senior Consultant Janne Saltoft Hansen at jsh@au.dk or + 45 21 84 45 30 if you want to hear more about or wish to request a costume-made offer.