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AARHUS BSS: Master’s and PhD Supervision for Associate Professors and Professors


The main purpose of the programme is to support systematic exchange of best practices among experienced supervisors at Aarhus BSS and to increase the individual’s professional supervisor competencies.    

Learning outcome

After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to

  • describe and substantiate their practice as supervisors
  • match expectations with students early and regularly in a project
  • encourage students' writing processes and provide constructive feedback
  • apply communication methods that ensure progression in supervision meetings and promote students’ independence
  • identify and manage typical conflicts in supervision, such as balancing between support and structure, between product and process supervision, between private and professional elements in supervision relationships
  • utilize the disciplinary community as a resource in supervision
  • analyze and assess specific dilemmas in their own supervision practice
  • receive and provide collegial feedback as part of developing own as wells as others’ supervision.       


The programme focuses on supervision of Master’s students and PhD students. Taking research results, local best practice, and participants’ own experiences as its starting point, the programme intends to advance participants’ supervision skills in terms of:

  • text-related skills: to convey criteria for academic papers, to support students’ writing processes, and to provide feedback that is forward-looking, accurate, specific, and criteria-based
  • relationship and process management skills: to establish and maintain constructive working relationships with students and potential co-supervisors, and to match expectations early and regularly
  • communication skills: to ask questions that encourage students' independence, to listen actively, and to meta-communicate the content and process of the supervision.

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Fundamental concepts and working methods:

  • the best way to develop supervision skills is not simply talking about it, but to give, receive, and observe supervision. Consequently, the focus is on practicing concrete supervision principles and methods
  • even though supervision of Maters’s students and PhD students are different activities, they still have many shared features, and there are clear benefits to be gained from including both types of supervision in the same programme.    

Course materials for preparation will be available in Brightspace prior to the first session.  

Course participation is without cost for staff from Aarhus BSS.

The course takes place at Campus Aarhus.

The course consists of about 40 hours work in all. 


  • That the participant supervises at least one Master's student or PhD student
  • That the participant attends all four course days


The CED, building 1910, room 228

  • Day 1: 10 November 2022 (9:00-16:00)
  • Day 2: 7 December 2022 (9:00-16:00) 
  • Day 3: 1 February 2023 (9:00-16:00)
  • Day 4: 19 April 2023 (9:00-16:00)


  • Language: The course that starts in the autumn 2022 and ends in spring 2023 will be in Danish.
  • Span: Four course days + preparation. About 40 hours in total 
  • Course certificate: Upon satisfactory completion
  • No. of participants: Min. 8, max. 20
  • Format: Four face-to-face course days at Campus Aarhus
  • Location: Aarhus University, building 1910, room 228    


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