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Helle Merete Nordentoft


Associate Professor

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Helle Merete Nordentoft

Areas of expertise

  • Guidance/counseling
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Peer collaboration and feedback
  • Emotion work
  • AI and learning processes

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I investigate how guidance/counseling facilitates the development of a critical, reflective, and ethical approach to practice among professional practitioners, taking into account the complexity in practice. Reforms and unpredictability have a daily impact on practice making this awareness crucial in the creation of gqualified professional learning environments and social communities. Currently, I am looking into the impact of artificial intelligence on guidance within educational spaces.

Teaching activities

I teach and supervise students in the Master's Program in Professional Guidance https://dpu.au.dk/masteruddannelser/vejledning and in the Master's Program in Educational Science http://kandidat.au.dk/uddannelsesvidenskab/  and am a member of the Research Unit in Guidance http://edu.au.dk/forskning/forskningsenheder/vejledning/

Selected publications

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