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About the Centre for Educational Development

CED offers research-based counselling, feedback and collaboration about university pedagogy for all academic environments at AU. All AU educators and managers can find help for ongoing competency development, highly specialised advice and guidance, and collaboration on educational projects.

Contact the faculty coordinators

You can also contact one of the CED’s five faculty coordinators. Our faculty coordinators support the collaboration with the faculties by, among other things, collecting requests and needs, and participating in meeting activities at the faculties. The five coordinators are:


Mathilde Andersen

Member of Administrative Staff

Natural Sciences

Aarhus BSS


Technical Sciences

Contact the main office

Contact us at ced@au.dk or call our secretariat. The administrative staff in the secretariat come from the former faculty-specific pedagogical departments.


The CED is located in building 1911 on Trøjborgvej – close to the University Park, the Nobel Park, and the University City.

Aarhus University
Building 1910-1911
Trøjborgvej 82-84
8000 Aarhus C

Our department in Emdrup

Building B, room 305
Tuborgvej 164
2400 København NV