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Online small-class teaching


Online workshop on how you create an engaging and motivating learning environment when you teach online.

The workshop is aimed at all teaching staff at Aarhus University who work with small class teaching, focusing on collaboration, interaction, and activation of the students. 

When teaching online, it is difficult getting the students to participate actively and contribute to discussions. For that reason, it can be necessary to adapt your teaching to online formats to increase engagement and learning. At this workshop, you will get advice, introductions to specific tools and pedagogical principles for this particular purpose.

Learning outcome

  • Develop ways of thinking online teaching activities synchronously and asynchronously
  • Get examples of activities and courses from teaching
  • Get examples og specific activities and tools related to classroom teaching with a focus on: cooperation, interaction, and activation  


You will be will be introduced to online tools, teaching principles and try out online activities. You will get concrete suggestions on how you can activate your students synchronously and asynchronously and organise your teaching to support the students' commitment and active participation. You will get the opportunity to both test relevant tools and to discuss practical experiences with fellow lecturers.


Currently, we do not have any scheduled workshops on online small-class teaching.

Please contact us via this email if you need assistance for online small-class teaching.



  • The workshop is held online.
    Participants will receive a Zoom link before the start of the workshop. 
  • Duration: 90 min.
  • No. of participants: max. 30